Friday, August 29, 2014

Still dandy after all these years

I've waited 20 years to see the Dandy Warhols play live, and on Tuesday night at the Corner Hotel that long wait came to an end.

It was loud, it was dark, it was moody, and the room was packed to the rafters with other 50 year-olds with aching joints, but grateful hearts.

As I pointed out to my 18-year-old son (at his first 18 and over gig!), there were more bearded faces, grey heads and leather jackets in the room than at a meeting of the Bandidos.

The Dandies are a bit like Classical Greek sculptures… a little worn out and rough around the edges… a little damaged and weathered by the years… but all the more valuable because of it.

They may be "Godless" "Bohemians Like You", but there were moments throughout the show that bordered on the spiritual… lead-ins to songs like I Love You and Last High where Courtney's haunting vocals combined with Zia's Synth to produce something akin to Mongolian throat singing, or monastic chanting.

The best review I ever saw of the Dandies was scrawled across a brick wall in a Collingwood laneway. It simply said "Dandy Warhols - cool as fuck".

They might well be the coolest band in the world, but they also have the spontaneity, passion and a love of performing that belies their 20 years in the business.