Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Cuppa anyone?

HEART STARTER: All that violence for a nice cup of tea.
IT’S hard to imagine, when you casually toss your ten-cent teabag into a cup for the first heart starter of the day, that the dried leaves of Camellia sinensis were once valued as highly as gold. 

That when tea was first imported to the West from China in the 17th century its high price and heavy taxes made it an prime target for smuggling and unrest at every level.

CAMELLIA SINENSIS:  The leaf that started a war.
I’m thinking about it this morning as I dangle a bag of Natures Cuppa above my favourite red teacup with the broken handle, 240 years after The Boston Tea Party.

Standing beside the kettle in the staff tearoom, among the spilt sugar and errant grains of nescafe, it doesn’t seem possible that contents of this little bag led to the American War of Independence. All that violence driven by the need for "a nice cup of tea".

Though come to think of it, I did just tell one of my co-workers, I’d kill for a cuppa right now…